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FIFA World Tour Trophy Stand

Advanced-FibreForm is responsible for the manufacturing of the rotating Carbon Fibre Stand where the FIFA trophy will rest on at every stop on its tour of the world.

carbon-fibre-productsThe Soccer World Cup Trophy for 2014 took to the air and visited 89 different countries on its tour of the world. The tour started in Brazil on 12 September 2013. 

The trophy was flown by the official Coca Cola FIFA World Cup jet all around the world, finally arriving back in Brazil on 21 April 2014 ready for the kick-off.

Carbon Fibre Wine Rack

We proudly produced a carbon fibre work of art from the design of Brian Steinhobel. This 6 meter long and 3 meter diameter carbon fibre wine rack has been designed to look like a cork screw, holding 1,500 bottles of fine wines. 

The wine rack was developed for Paul Harris and has been installed at Ellerman House in Cape Town.

Carbon Fibre Bicycles and Parts

AFF made history by being the first to manufacture a carbon fibre dual suspension mountain bike frame on home soil.

Carbon Fibre Bicycle Repair

Yes, we also repair carbon fibre bicycles!

Please phone 021 824 1824 or

 contact us for a quote.

Battery operated Golf Caddy

Watch this space!

Hunting: Rifle cases, silencers, rifle buds

Exiting new developments, watch this space!

Bow stabilizer


Carbon weave look stabilizer done for respectable clients.

Props for powered paragliding


Test flights are done and the carbon weave sandwich combination astounded all with its durability.

Bicycle parts and cycling

Together with well-known designers.

Advanced FibreForm is proud to be associated with  Graeme Murry - Tour the Force designs and ideas.

Developed and manufactured the iconic Time Trail bike frame and fork using the latest manufacturing methods

Even the best design can be improved...

Rails for canopies / 4 x 4 accessories / Roof racks

Advanced-FibreForm is proud to announce that our own design and outdoor brand will be launched in the near future! 

Parts for the outdoor 4x4 market such as carbon fibre snorkels, running boards, roof racks, belly pans and nutch bars.

High temperature exhaust boxes and cap for motors

... and motor cycles

Advanced-FibreForm's first project and customer: Scorch Design.

Reversed engineered motor vehicle centre console

... to meet personalized taste
Expensive mistakes, there are options – composites can be repaired

Contact us for a quote.

Carbon-fibre wedding rings

Carbon fibre weave or UD look, all we need is your finger size!

Custom made front and
rear diffusers...

...for top class racing teams. Extra stiff high modules carbon sandwich panels.

Retro fitting and replacing traditionally metal parts

Only in Africa, metal components are being replaced by composite ones due to its none recycling properties.

Belly pans for 4x4


The latest F1 composite materials, Aluminum nomex sandwich panels are used to manufacture light weight, shock absorb, belly pans for the 4x4 market.

Small intricate parts like license disk holders and belt buckles

Nothing is too small or intrigued for composite manufacturing.

Household accessories

Any custom once-off can be done.

Manufactured marine parts to FEA composite lay-up

Structural marine parts have been done.

Composites materials, excellent application for radio controlled boats, drones etc.

AFF supply parts for world leading drone

Standard profiles are available off the shelf

Contact us for price list.

Casings for high temperature censoring devises

Using Epoxy resin systems - extreme temperatures are not a problem.

Drop-offs for trucks, light weight ramps for busses


We saved ± 1 ton / freight by replacing steel drop off's with composite ones. Having the luxury of adding 1 ton more on your load - contact us.

CAV - Proud joint-venture partner

CAV joint venture partner

Innovation only from the Free State Province

AFF designed / developed and manufactured structural “cosmetic” parts for the “Barnard” Hyper car.

Composite development for local entrepreneurs

AFF designed a Gyrocopter for RivAero and manufactured the Fuselage.

Innovative engineering solutions on "old standard" procedures

AFF manufacture turbine blades (SWET) and turbine structural inners poles (Notus) as a single piece part moulding using "donut bag" to "blow-up" the prepreg.

Excellent FST (fire, smoke and toxicity) rating. Petrol pumps cover is a natural choice

Caltex waterfront covers done earlier in 2016.

Small detail required – no problem

Small detail mouldings for health insurance purposes.

Carbon Fibre Rims

“Mag’s” for Mellowcab.

New applications with composites will reduce inertia forces and optimize sound waves

Customers - small qty’s required, welcome!